We believe that the best thing a company can do is to help improve the human condition.  On that note, here are a few themes that we want to build around. 
If any of these appeal to you or if you have another burning idea apply here to build a company with us. 
Love and Company
We don’t think that the ways people are currently taking to find their significant other are as good as they could be and have witnessed tremendous frustration around this. The person you spend a lot of your time with is one of the most important components of your life and it is painful when it is lacking. 

We have a few ideas around what solutions in the modern world may look like, and more broadly how to bring people together. 
Work 2.0
As existing jobs get replaced or displaced, there is a massive opportunity to help people adapt and find a place in the modern workforce. We’d love to work on this.
Money is one of the top daily concerns for almost everyone in the world. 

We strongly believe that better tools and financial companions should be built to help people with their personal finances and live better lives as a result.
Health, Fitness and Aging
Health is clearly the most fundamental pillar of our existence. As long as there is physical suffering, there will be problems to go tackle. We have many companies we would like to start here covering mental health, daily rituals to build up to a healthier life, DNA sequencing, and helping limit the effects of aging. 
Information and Truth
We’ve seen this become more and more obvious over the last few years: there is a scary trend where many people are only fed information that reinforces their own beliefs, and a sense that it is no longer clear if anything is true. How can we help fix this and fight online brainwashing and manipulation?
Many of the top communication products today seem to have a detrimental effect on people. How can we build tools that serve us and make us happy while allowing us to exchange with those we care about?
Life is to be lived and the world filled with great adventures to be unbottled.
Yes, Elon and Jeff are building companies here. But it’s a big sky out there, with lots of unknown territory to be mapped out.
The way we buy things continues to change quickly and is a reflection of our culture. We want to help build better commerce experiences, especially tailored to mobile. 
We have ideas for new and better ways for kids and grown-ups to keep learning and having fun doing so.
How do you choose what to study in school or what to do for your career (if you have the luxury of choosing)? We want to help children and young adults find and double down on what they are good at and enjoy doing.